Celebrating Earth Day Every Day!

Shout out to our favorite planet! (Sorry Mars, it’s Earth.) Here at Stevens, we reduce waste +energy consumption +boost recycling.

  • Recycling- cardboard, plastic, sawdust, scrap metal, plastic strapping, aluminum and paper, oil, wood stains and varnishes.
  • Use rejected panels to make skids that our products ship on, other scrap is ground into sawdust for use in composite decking materials + animal bedding.
  • Auto shutdowns on many of our compressors, blowers, heaters and lights.
  • Our biggest environmentally favorable contribution is in the materials we use to make our products.
  • Stevens uses IPB and MDF as our panel and furniture substrate. These are produced using recycled wood chips, sawmill shavings and even sawdust – which means our raw product is super GREEN!
  • We rarely use round wood (straight from a tree) in our building process.

Proudly caring for our resources today, to ensure a healthy tomorrow.