Color Spotlight: Natural Elm

New beginnings and special moments deserve an auspicious welcome - so with pleasure, we introduce one of the newest additions to the Artika and Rain Collections, Natural Elm.  Natural Elm is a perfect complement to new designs or renovations.  It offers a fresh take on traditional palettes with defined grain pattern in tones of creamy alabaster to cool brown with grey undertones.  Natural Elm can also shift in look depending upon the texture impressions.

Artika texture is a bold, variegated grain, marrying rich texture with flowing lines.  This substantial grain choice shines in any design, from eclectic to traditional to minimalist. 

Rain is a cohesive, linear grain with a hint of luster to pique interest.  The tight grain with a streaming flow invokes visions of world-class design and high-end luxury. 

Empower.  Inspire.  Design. 

Natural Elm