Environmental Protection Agency: TSCA Title VI

Stevens Industries is pleased to confirm our compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency Toxic Substance Control Act, Title VI. We participate as a chain of custody fabricator and validate incoming materials with acknowledgments, bills of lading and invoices from board vendor mills.

Stevens will not have an EPA Third Party Certificate

  • The mills from which we purchase composite panels have certificates.

We track incoming materials through our item number driven manufacturing system

  • We initiated required statements on our paperwork – acknowledgments, bills of lading and invoices – May 21, 2018.
  • This is our assurance to you, our customer, that you are buying and using compliant composite panels and components.

We are members of the Composite Panel Association

  • We only buy from EPA TSCA Title VI compliant mills who have or will have, third party certificates.
  • CARB II remains in compliance.

Review the FAQs on the EPA website for additional information about requirements and program impact.

TSCA and Green Statements